Product Information
The main type of products manufactured by the JSC «Qo'qonspirt» is ethyl spirit. The production of alcohol works around the clock in two shifts, because the production cycle is continuous. The regulation provides for the release of three grades of ethyl spirit:
          - rectified spirit "Lux"
          - rectified spirit "Extra"
          - rectified spirit "Alfa"

Prices of manufactured products in JSC «Qo'qonspirt»

(From 1 November 2019 )


Name of the product



Prices with tax (sum)

Spirit «Extra»


Rectified ethyl spirit

O'z DSt 5962-67








120 968,27 sum

Spirit «Lux»

121 628,60 sum

Spirit «Alfa»

122 281,57 sum

Etherealdehyde fraction


69 920, sum

Fusel Oil


15 525,0 sum




11 385,0 sum

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) tank kg 575,0 sum
cylinder kg 747,5 sum